1.2 About Me

I began using R in my second year of university, whilst studying psychology. Like so many others before me, I started using R for a particular project - in my case, it was for an analysis of publication bias - before deciding that I wanted to expand my skillset and learn to apply R to lots of different situations. Because I took this approach however, I didn’t really develop a fundamental knowledge of how R worked before I started - I just kind of jumped in at the deep end. As a quick analogy, it was a bit like starting with this book without reading the teacheR book first - I kind of knew what was going on, but I was filling in a lot of gaps along the way.

And so that is why I decided to develop this series of books - to hopefully help anyone who may find themselves in a similar position that I was in those years ago. If you want to use R but feel as though you don’t know where to start, then hopefully this book will give you a good overview of some of the different ways that R can be used or applied.